Entry 19: February 2023

February 8, 2023

by Brian Jeansonne

I've had a lot of people ask me what Alanis and I talked about. In order for the conversation to flow, I prewrote my questions. The whole process took me hours. I no longer have the luxury of just showing up and conversing, which if you know me, you know that is very difficult for me. Conversation is one of my fortes.

Alanis was very patient and engaged the entire conversation, also asking me a ton of questions.

here are the prescript questions i asked her. I won't be sharing her answers because of the sacredness of the conversation.

Alanis 2.

I thought I would start with big picture questions.

what got you to the place of anger and angst that gave you and the world jagged little pill?

was it childhood? Was it assholes? what birthed it? And follow up question, where was spirituality for you at that time? If any.

Alanis 3.

jagged little pill was almost 30 years ago. so now we are old. Can you tell me about your journey? how did you evolve? What was the catalyst that drove you towards wholeness and peace? I'm making an assumption that you are feeling more whole and at peace. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Can you condense 30 years into this short conversation? I mentioned in my video that this newest album was the been to hell and back Alanis with scars. But less sting. Am I right? I'd like to know the deep parts. If you are willing.

Alanis 4a.

can you expand on your experience with spirituality. I read you were raised Catholic. in Such pretty forks, you use Jewish, Christian myth in ablaze. And Her, is drenched in the Hindu tradition, in which I cry every time.

So, what are your practices for taking care of your inner life, your soul?

and how much has that played into who you are today?

Alanis 4b.

what gives you life? what ignites your soul?

Alanis 5.

if you were to draw a map of your life journey to this point, how would you describe the different seasons and how each season formed you.

and how would you describe the season you are currently in?

Alanis 6.

a little lighter, what is your creative process like? Do songs just come to you or do you have disciplined times when you Write? Or other ways?

and what song means the most to you that you have written? And why?

Alanis 7.

if you were me, what question would you ask you?

Alanis 8.

have you watched ted lasso?

we had such a beautiful conversation. I am the one who ended it because I was so tired and my eyes couldn't type anymore.



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