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CBS Evening News
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Emmy-winning journalist Norah O'Donnell brings years of experience with CBS News to the anchor chair, offering a weeknight survey of major news stories.

Artificial intelligence helps ALS patients preserve their voices. With the help of artificial intelligence, ALS patients are able to preserve their ability to speak. Dr. Jon LaPook has more.

Air Date: Jul 12, 2023


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Dr. John LaPook

ALS patient Brian Jeansonne has difficulty speaking as a result of the debilitating disease. Now, new technology is helping him find his voice.  Dr. Jon LaPook has more on CBS Evening News.

Air Date: Jul 12, 2023


Smart Made Possible
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Today, on Global ALS Awareness Day, we take a moment to honor the incredible ALS community that inspires us to learn and grow every day. We have learned a lot over the last eleven and a half years. ALS is not a one size fits all disease. Every individual and family are unique. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found partners who share our commitment to empowering individuals with ALS to maintain independence at home, navigate the world with functionality, and cherish their loved ones.


The Moth in NOLA
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Storytellers, you always amaze us with your humor, experiences and bravery in getting up on stage and letting us in to your world in the space of 5 minutes. All 10 of you really came through.

Congratulations to our winner, Brian Jeansonne, who told us a story about his ALS diagnosis full of humor and heart.

A special thank you to the New Orleans Moth community as a whole for making Brian and his family feel welcome and for giving Brian not one but two standing ovations!


Demo Day: White House

White House Demo Day is a showcase of innovative work of 40 different groups. Team Gleason and Brian Jeansonne had the opportunity to spotlight available technologies for individuals with ALS while also discussing the various technologies utilized by ALS patients. 

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