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A Fly on the Wall

The absolute best part of having ALS is the time it allows me to be with my family. It's like I got to retire at the age of 43 and be home with Kristy every day. And all 5 of my kids are still at home. Four teenage boys - we call ourselves the Diamond Dogs - and one daughter. And I am that fly on the wall. I'll have them park me somewhere, and on certain days, I might sit in that place for 6 or more hours.

I watch as these lives are being lived. I was sitting here when you left for work and now that you're back. This one is going to his girlfriend's, this one is going to hang with friends, this one’s going to baseball, and I'm sitting here watching and feeling proud and lucky. All of their comings and goings. I'm literally here for it all.


And the way these people interact with each other. And the amount of time these people spend looking for their phones. And the amount of food these people eat. And the way they stop by my chair to hug me or talk to me or ask my advice. Are you kidding me? This is my life. Watching my creations learn and grow and mature and mess up and try again. I have been given a front-row seat, and it's the greatest gift. And I get to do it all with the one I love.


Life is a beautiful clusterfuck, and love is here.




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