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“I May Return as a Bumblebee”

For two years, I've been asking my son to design me a tattoo that has meaning. The bee is his design, and we, along with Kristy, went on his 18th birthday to tattoo it on our bodies. People ask me the meaning. I think it's best explained by the artist himself. So, in Micah’s words:


Tattoos for me are represented by both my parents, as I will always think of them when I see people with tattoos. I knew I wanted to specifically get a tattoo that reflected my dad, but I just didn’t know what.


In the film "Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium," when Mr. Magorium is asked about where he is going, as he plans on leaving the world within the next couple of days, he replies, “I may return as a bumblebee.”


I’m not saying I believe in reincarnation, but the sheer optimism that Mr. Magorium had for his next phase in life truly reminded me of my dad. I found myself saying this line, “I may return as a bumblebee,” for years as it worked its way into my speech.


So, having a conversation with my dad, I caught myself saying it, and then we pulled up the scene from the movie, and I decided that’s it, that’s how I feel I can represent you with a single image.


To me, my dad is the real-world version of Mr. Magorium and Ted Lasso. My dad just reflects the way that these characters live out their lives and how they affect people.




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