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Our Story

Kristy and Brian were married in 2003 and began their family soon after. Micah was born in 2004, Jonah in 2005, Nate in 2007, Lucas in 2008, and Zoe Moon came home in 2012. The Jeansonne 7 live in the heart of New Orleans where they enjoy all things NOLA – Mardi Gras, the Saints, Jazz Fest, the food, and a tight-knit community.


One early morning in September 2019, as Brian was out running along beautiful Bayou St John, he noticed his left foot dragging. Eight months later, in April 2020, at the age of 43, Brian was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease. ALS has a 2-5 year life expectancy.


Brian’s diagnosis was a reality check for the entire family and brought into laser focus what was actually important in life. Since 2020, the Jeansonne 7 have committed themselves to one another and learning the way of love in all things.


Early on, we took on the mentality that we were not fighting ALS, but instead, we would live our lives journeying with ALS and allow the journey to form us for the better. This obviously sounds grand and noble but is actually quite difficult and has come with countless tears and much heartache. But we continue putting one foot in front of the other, leaning on one another on the good days and the bad.


We invite you to join us on this journey of beauty and brutality, havoc and happiness, mercy and madness, devastation and delight, amazing and awful, for this is what life is. And through it all, we are trying to learn love.


Life is a beautiful clusterfuck, and love is here.



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