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Ways to Support


Giving Financially 

As Brian's disease progressed, his needs have increased, especially after his tracheostomy in October 2022. Initially, his wife Kristy and their five children took care of everything, but with the tracheostomy, Brian now requires round-the-clock care. To assist the family, they hired part-time caregivers, but unfortunately, this is not covered by insurance and becomes an out-of-pocket expense. These caregivers are vital for Brian's quality of life and also for the well-being of his family.


According to statistics, it costs approximately $150,000 a year (out of pocket) to maintain the health and well-being of an ALS patient. The Jeansonne Family estimates their expenses at around $120,000 per year for Brian's care and additional medical expenses that are not covered.

Since April 14, 2020, people have been very generous and many have given to the family in multiple ways. Here are a few of the tangible ways donations have been used. 

  • Home renovations to make their house handicap accessible

  • Outdoor electric lift installed

  • Power wheelchair

  • Out of pocket medication

  • Handicap accessible van

  • Many assistive devices

  • Family adventures at Brian’s request

  • Caregiver for 40 to 60 hours a week

There are 2 ways to give. 

  1. Donations are processed on the family’s behalf by TWENTY35NPO A section 501(C) (3) organization and all donations made to it are deductible in accordance with IRS regulations. 

  2. Via Venmo @thejeansonne7


Family Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist is an exciting and imaginative platform that allows you to easily send a thoughtful gift to any member of the J7 family! With this unique feature, you can explore their curated list, which includes both desired items and occasional necessities. Click on their name to view their Wishlist. 


Bring/Send a Meal 

Feeding a large family can be a challenging task. This meal train has been running since day one of Brian's diagnosis and has been a huge life saver. It serves as the most tangible and practical way to support.


If this is an area you feel is a way you can help click on the link here


If cooking is not your thing or you are not local, a gift card or take out is a perfect solution!

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