The Jeansonne 7

Brian and Kristy met in 2000 and were married in March 2003. They live in New Orleans, LA with their five children Micah (19), Jonah (18), Nathan (16), Lucas (14) and Zoe Moon (11). 

In September of 2019, after his morning workout, Brian went for a run around Bayou St. John and through City Park. About a mile and a half into his run, Brian noticed his left foot began to scrape the ground before it made a full swing through his stride. Later in the day, Brian once again noticed his left foot dropping while walking at work. After 9 months of doctor visits and tests, what was initially determined to be minor nerve issues was actually diagnosed as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als) in April of 2020.

This website is dedicated to sharing Brian and the Jeansonne 7’s story and journey as well as serving as a central hub for learning about the Jeansonne family’s current needs. Donations can be made through this site to assist Brian and the entire Jeansonne 7 throughout this journey.

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